WWII Living History School Workshops

A brief overview of WWII, including why it took so long for the US to enter the war.
An interesting discussion about how the US' status as a nation of immigrants affected the camp, field kitchen, and ration menus.
A discussion about how the US Army's menus impacted the food we put on our table. We eat pizza, hamburgers. hotdogs, and drink Coca-Cola because American GIs introduced them to us during WWII.
A discussion about meeting Americans in real-life. They weren't all cowboys and gangsters!
A discussion about how the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) impacted our choice of music.
A discussion about the Lend-Lease Act and the fact that without America's powdered eggs and tinned goods our country would have been starved into submission.
A presentation of various US Army uniforms and equipment, including tents, and cooking utensils.
A presentation of the Range M1937, a WWII field cooker which could feed up to 200 men in one sitting.
A discussion about the role of women in the US Army during WWII.
A presentation of the various theatres of operation using a world map.
A discussion about WWII terminology including what the "D" in "D-Day" stands for.
A presentation that includes both original and reproduction ration items.
A hands-on activity where the students create their own US ration item to take home.
An opportunity for students to role play while wearing various uniforms and accouterments.
A question and answer session.
£150 half day/£200 full day